Zoya Party Girls Winter 2017

The Zoya Party Girls Collection contains 12 polishes in creams, metallics, pearls, and a multi chrome. All of them were very easy to apply after one coat. My faves are Delaney, Danielle, Isadora, Nadia, and Fallon.

Blake needed up to two coats. Delaney and Isadora swatched evenly at one.

I don’t understand Zoya’s need to continously include pinks and reds in most of their collections this year.  Ming, Sheri, and Kelsey are so-so. However, I kept Sheri and Kelsey because they are rich and easy to apply.  Nadia is considered the topper, but it needs to be applied thinly. Tawny also looked beautiful as a topper over some of my darker shades. Creams were even and didn’t streak or leave a shadow.

I think the rest of the colors are very well thought out especially the shimmers and chromes.