Zoya Mystery Box 2018

I received PR of the 2018 Zoya Mystery Box, and it is wonderful 😍. I needed a new nail routine, and the amazing box had everything I was looking for. All the products in the box are permanent. Nine of the ten products are full size. I received a base and top coat, the Lavender Perfector Nail Treatment, Solid Gold Cuticle Oil, Fast Dry Drops, lipstick, and Brighton (new polish). The box also featured two new products- a serum and lotion.

I might not get full use out of the Rapid Dry Drops, Top Coat, or the Perfector. The Lavender Perfector is for discoloration (I don’t have); I have never used or owned Dry Drops to quicken dry time; and I rarely wear top coats since most of my polishes are fairly glossy and stay in place. I use base coats. Zoya Naked Base Coat made my polish stay on longer without chipping or cracking.

Solid Gold Cuticle Oil has a slight citrus scent. The two new items in the box are the The Naked Manicure Serum and Lotion. I used the Serum (scentless) on my cuticles and heels. The serum feels refreshing and cooling. I don’t use hand lotions. The Serum and Hand Cream are not on the website, so I don’t know when they will be launching.

I have been using Zoya Nail Polish Remover for 3yrs. The Remover also comes in 8oz and 32oz sizes.

The lipstick is going to be different per box, and Brighton is the new polish shade.  Brighton is a nice champagne holo nude.

I already have Addie lipstick swatched here and is one of my favorite nudes. I tweeted at Zoya to have a nude holo collection. I always wanted a holo shade like Brighton. Shades like Brighton make my hands look so clean.

Even though the Mystery Box won’t be on the site after I make this post, almost all the products are available on the Zoya.