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04 / 05 / 2017

I think I might start randomly featuring different underrated brands. Due to differing tastes in colors, I’m not going to feature my favorite shades from each recommendation. My top underrated brands are Colourpop, theBalm, NYX, and Stila.


Colourpop describes themselves as ‘makeup for the cool kids’ in their twitter bio. Colourpop is truly a line separate from the rest. It is a hybrid of high end quality makeup with prices starting from $5-$8. Some of my favorite products


  • Super Shock Shadows ($5),
  • the limited edition Pressed Powder shadows ($6)
  • Creme Gel Liner Pencils ($5)


  • Highlighters ($8)


  • the Ultra Satin, Glossy, and Metallic lips ($6)
  • Lippie Pencils ($5).

Two major cons are the swatch pictures and color boldness. The website swatches are clear except they look completely different in person. I do not go by the website swatch photos and use other online sources. The second major con is the formula causing the makeup to be too bold even for softer shades. Colourpop is NOT traditional. If someone sees an awesome purple lip or shadow (ex.), expect the shade to be very bold. Their makeup is not flat nor is it boring by any means.

Their dry cream formula goes on like a cream but sets to a full powder. The best part about their formula

I love it when they have freebies because they are full size instead of being the traditional deluxe samples.


I don’t own too much from theBalm. I love their Instain Blushes, Photo Balm powder foundation, Time Balm Concealer, Cheater mascara, and liquid lipstick. Their blushes work the best with my skin. I don’t know why my sky responds sooo good to them. I’d prefer sticking with theBalm blushes since nothing else seems to work. They make one of the most comfortable Liquid Lipsticks (Meet Matt(e) Hughes). I find the line the second affordable high end line right next to MAC.

NYX Cosmetics

NYX is another drug store favorite. NYX is the friendliest and most compatible drug store line. I mostly own their lippies but have recently branched out to other items.


  • the Butter and Intense Butter Glosses
  • Ombre Lip Duo
  • Slim Lip Pencils
  • Lip Lingerie
  • Glam Lipsticks Aqua Luxe


  • Prismatic shadows
  • Glitter liquid liners
  • Shadow Base


  • Photo Primer (black tube)

Stila Cosmetics

Stila is one of the original high end lines I used when I was starting out with makeup. Recently, I went back to using Stila. I’ve tried their Smudge Sticks, Glitterati Top Coat, and Liquid Foundation (Illumination one is discontinued), and all are wonderful. Sadly, their line did change. I noticed their shadows are not as pigmented as they used to be. Many of their better quality products have been changed or discontinued. I still love and will continue to use the line.

I view all these brands as underrated because I don’t see a whole lot of people talking about them on the web. These are great quality brands and worth trying.