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03 / 28 / 2017

  Zoya 2017 Charming Collection is 6 nail polish (3 creams • 3 micro-sparkle).

Creams- Jordan, Abby, and Tina


Micro-shimmers Millie, Lacey, and Amira



  Violette Lipstick

Faves are Millie, Lacey, and Abby. None of the polishes gave me problems during application. The creams took one good coat with fast drying time. The sheer micro-shimmers needed about two. I’ve been getting into purple lipsticks,  Violette is so fresh and springy.

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12 / 29 / 2016


The formula is truly a one coat cream. All swatches are one coat without streaking or globbing up. The creamy formula is very opaque and blends smoothly. I know most nail polishes are meant to be applied with two thin coats to avoid instant peeling and chipping, but the one coat opacity lasts. Since the formula is very creamy and opaque, I had to wipe off some of the excess.

Tatum, Cathy, and Jill did not blend in with my skin. I have to be careful with certain pale and pinky nude nail polishes. All the shades are completely different. I like the arrangement  from light to dark. My favorite light shade is Cathy, and my favorite dark shades are Debbie and Mary.




Zoya has offered coordinating lipsticks in cream finish. With their summer 2016 collection, I receive a complimentary lipstick except I didn’t like it.

Cameron and Paisley are a satin finish cream, and Maxwell is a matte cream. Zoya describes them ‘as a year round color without drying and wears 4-6 hrs.’ I haven’t fully tested all three. I wore Cameron this week, and the color is amazing, and the formula was not drying or uncomfortable. I did have to swatch them up to 4x to get pigment. The lipsticks are not dark in the tube then swatch light. When I first started with lipsticks, I had this beautiful fig I would always wear, and Paisley is close enough to it.

I am so happy with the colors.

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11 / 07 / 2016

Zoya Enchanted Collection for winter 2016.

Four Pixie Dust

   two duochromes

I love shades Olivera, Saint, Lorena, and Alice. The whole collection looks very different from the old ones. I don’t see too many dupes. The Pixie Dusts are matte glitters, but not hard and chunky. The formula was very smooth for the Pixie Dust and duochrome. The Enchanted collection has the colors I love wearing.

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10 / 24 / 2016

It is time to clean out my collection, so I figured the best way to start is by clearing up the dupes.

Blues- Steel and Navy



Greens / Teals

  Rich purples

I am still determining Dixie/Yana and Hazel/FeiFei. Dixie and Yana look like dupes even though Zoya describes Dixie as watermelon red and Yana as geranium pink. By my judgement, they photograph exactly the same, but I noticed Dixie is a solid cream while Yana has a mildly silver undertone. I can’t figure out Hazel and FeiFei. Hazel has more opacity, and one coat of FeiFei looks like a top coat.

I put Dixie/Yana and Hazel/FeiFei aside, and kept Haven, Giada, Rikki, Hazel, Estelle, and Neve.

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10 / 24 / 2016

I don’t have all the swatches, but here are some comparisons of the Zoya Urban Grunge Collection with past polishes.


 Sia and Mallory are Dupes


  • Desiree and Emilia
  • Sia and Mallory
  • Ember and Elisa
  • Janel and Livingston

Sister Shades

  • Hannah to Janel and Livingston
  • Jem to Britta
  • Toni to Tara
  • Wyatt and Hunter

Zoya did reformulate their polishes. Their creams have a glossier finish and are more opaque compared to previous collections. I know Wyatt, Tara, Sia and Mallory, and Janel and Livingston,  are apart of their newly formulated collections. I can’t remember when they made their formula better.

As I did some decluttering, I gave out the dupes and kept for myself Wyatt, Jem, Britta, Tara, Toni, Ember, Mallory, Janel and Livingston, and Desiree and Emilia.


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08 / 26 / 2016

Welcome back to my blog. I will be reviewing and swatching the Zoya Metallics and Holos from their 2016 Urban Grunge Collection.

Holos in Alicia, Finley, and Merida



cred: Briannathestrange / tumblr



   Metallics in Troy, Ash, and Britta


My favorites are Britta, Alicia, Ash, and Troy. Merida is completely different from most of the greens I own. I am not a green wearer, but Merida is probably one of my favorite greens Zoya has made. I’m glad Zoya added more holos to their line. The formulas turned out to be super smooth on both the holos and metallics and did not give me any trouble, but I did need a couple of coats for the colors.

Each sell for $10 on Zoya.

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06 / 18 / 2016

This is the new Sunsets Collection for Summer 2016. The colors are six bold creams with glossy finishes.

Close up look of the colors.


The colors applied nicely with minimal streaking and quick drying in between coats.


  • Dory
  • Liv
  • Dixie

Each sell for $9 on Zoya

Seashells Collection Review

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06 / 06 / 2016

PR post on the new Zoya Seashells Collection (Summer2016). Zoya brought back the pixie dust polishes this season. For the images to come out larger, tap them a few times.

Levi is almost like holographic gold. I am not the biggest fan of gold polishes except I like this one. I applied Levi using one generous coat.

Linds is a cherry red.

Zooey is a nice coral pink color. It reminds me of that Lipsurgence by Tarte in Sweet.

CeCe is a pretty apple green.

Bay is a refreshing blue splash.

Tilly is so unique from the whole group. The polish has almost dark blue flecks in person mixed with silver holo. I don’t have anything like this in my collection. On tumblr, I randomly see silver holographic nails, and Tilly reminded me of those posts.

Formula is very smooth and easy to apply. These are still textured polishes, so when they dry, they dry a bit rough depending on the amount of layers.

As I was looking at these colors, I thought they were all holo. Except the two shades that come off more holo to me are Levi and Tilly. From my perspective, one generous coat worked well enough, and I don’t think these polishes work as top coats but maybe with a super thin layer it might work. In person, I noticed after one good coat, the base went to medium. I also noticed the polishes are packed with gold and silver flecks. My two favorites are Levi and Tilly.

Nothing has been said if the pixie dust polishes will continue to come back this year. I’m glad Zoya brought them back this season.

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12 / 25 / 2015



Zoya Sia is from the Focus and Flair Collection; Chyna Glaze Marry a Millionaire as a top coat.