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11 / 30 / 2016


Colourpop has changed the way I view eyeshadows. Their colors are far from boring and very edgy.  Colourpop Super Shock Shadows ($5) have an interesting formula often described as a dry cream pressed pigment. They can be applied with a finger or synthetic brush. I have short nails, so I can easily apply these with my finger and gently blend out with a brush the excess. I was disappointed with Partridge and can’t remember why I picked it in the first place. I’m trying to wear Partridge more except I can’t get into the color. So Quiche, Dare, and Muse are my favs. So Quiche and Bae look great together. The shadows do not crack or crease and feel like pure silk.



Nyx Prismatic Shadows ($6 depending on where they are sold) in Bewitched and Gilded (new colors). The Prismatic shadows are regular powder eye shadow with a metallic finish. They have a very silky formula with little fall out.



Urban Decay Moondust in Solstice ($21) is a pressed powder pigment shift with a reddish/brown base and multi chrome of lavender and light blue. It shows up great on the eye, but my skin color wasn’t allowing me to swatch.


Single eye shadows to me are easier to work with than full size palettes. In a sea of warm toned palettes that I can’t seem to get away from, I chose single eyeshadows that were different and easy to wear. These colors I selected have helped me get out of my shade rut of continuously wearing warm colors. Anyone interested in starting off with eyeshadow, I recommend the Colourpop and NYX depending on budget.

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01 / 06 / 2016

Going through my makeup collection, I found some possible random comparisons by Urban Decay Cosmetics. By my judgement, I don’t think they are dupes and look very different to me. They do share some similarities. The comparisons are Urban Decay Toasted single eye shadow and Liar eye shadow (Naked3 palette), and the glide-ons in Liar, Wallflower, and Stark Naked.


UD toasted_liar
At first glance, I thought Toasted and Liar were possible dupes. Except, I noticed Toasted looks very golden and Liar definitely has the ‘rose gold’ under tone.

24/7 Glide-ons for lips

These three lip liners also look different to me. I noticed that Stark Naked and Wallflower look kind of similar with Wallflower being just a shade or two darker. Liar has no similarity. Wallflower from the three was my least favorite because I personally feel it looks better on fair to light skin tones.

Final thoughts– By my eyes, I think the colors do look different even though they share some similarities. The shadows in Toasted in Liar look close enough but are not dupes, and the same goes for Stark Naked and Wallflower.

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08 / 10 / 2015

I have been loyally using the Urban Decay  when the Naked1 palette came out in 2010 and my collection just grew from there. Since then, I have been using the single eye shadows, glide-ons, primers, mascara, and the lip colors.  The UD line is very appealing to me because of the packaging, formulation, and they have some of the raunchiest names for a beauty company. Here are my recommendations for anyone new to the UD line. These are just based on my personal experience with the formula and how much I use them.


First up are the Naked 1 and 2 palettes . I have used all three but haven’t bought the recent Naked Smokey. I’m not crazy about palettes like before especially the large ones with 12-20 or more shadows. Currently, my most reached for palette is the Naked3 (rosy toned). I have a medium complexion with an olive/yellow undertone. I have to be very careful with certain shades of pinks. I was so happy when the Naked3 palette worked with my skin.  The only problem with the Naked3 are the matte shades Nooner and Limit. On my skin, Nooner and Limit look horrible by themselves and work better blended out as a crease or base with the other colors.

It kinda bums me out that with larger palettes I never find myself using all the colors and it becomes wasteful. When I used up Naked1 I bought a few of the shadows that I was always wearing individually.  I am not on the hunt for individual UD shadow dupes of the Naked3 but found one shade similar to Buzz called Bordello.

From the Naked1 palette most of the shades are sold individually. I currently own Sidecar, Toasted, Smog, and Sin singles. Below from left to right are Sin, Toasted, Smog, and Bordello. Bordello I bought on its own.


I am becoming a collector of the Glide-ons for eyes and lips. I love them because the eye pencils are so smooth, creamy, do not crease, and work great as a shadow base. The eye pencils are a bit weird to apply to the bottom lashes, so I have to gently lift the corner of my eye to get a smooth line.   I am not going to spend too much time on the glide-ons but a few of my favorite shades are Deep End, Perversion, UZI, Ultraviolet, Stray Dog,  Asphyxia, Oil Slick, and LSD.

  Primers and Mascara

 I have repurchased their Original potion primer 2x (I heard they recently changed the formula and packaging) and like the Perversion mascara. UD and MAC mascaras bare a similarity because they are kind of weak with their application and don’t work well. The UD Perversion is so far the best on for me.


UD has hit it just right with the eye products except I think the lip line needs a little bit of work. I currently own the Naked Glosses, a few lip pencils, and the Revolution lipstick (original and sheer formulas). I am not too crazy about the lip line just the Naked Glosses and pencils. The pencils seal in the color, don’t feather or bleed, and have sturdy wear-ability throughout the day.


In review, my UD product recommendations are the Glide-on pencils for eyes and lips, Naked glosses, Potion Primer, Perversion mascara, and the Naked palettes.

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07 / 22 / 2015


I have the Sheer Revolution lipstick in Ladyflower ($20.00 for 0.09 oz.). Ladyflower is gorgeous with a light glossy finish. Revolution Sheer Lipstick is brand new with a limited color selection.

I bought some new Glide-ons in Oil Slick, Turn On, and Asphyxia. I bought Turn On during the April Sephora Sale.

 Turn On works really well with Ladyflower, and Oil Slick and Asphyxia are perfect. Except I feel Asphyxia is kind of weak because the pencil gets dull very fast.

I’m very pleased with the colors I chose to add to my Summer 2015 makeup.