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03 / 20 / 2017



The PhotoBalm Powder Foundation acts a filter designed for photos to cover imperfections. I couldn’t swatch it because on me there really wasn’t that much to swatch. PhotoBalm is very light weight, smooth, and blends in perfectly with my other foundations. I noticed the powder did even out my skin and cover minor imperfections. PhotoBalm isn’t exactly full coverage but more medium and can double as a setting powder.


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02 / 22 / 2017


 theBalm blushes have their magical touch on my skin. Instain Pinstripe blush is a satin plum. I wanted a cool toned blush for awhile and didn’t find anything too impressive until I saw Pinstripe. Pinstripe is way softer than their shadow/blush Cabana Boy. Since I am not used to wearing cool toned plums, I though Pinstripe was going to be too dark but it is more on the light/medium side.

Instain blushes sell for $22 and come in five other shades.

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12 / 23 / 2016





  • Light weight and comfortable matte



  • Instigator is described as a deep berry. There’s no shade description for Charming. Charming and Investigator look terracotta to me.
  • Perfect Dupes


Verdict- Since Instigator and Charming are perfect dupes, I returned Instigator.  I did not like the way Instigator set on my lips. I think theBalm is better with consistency and color. TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Charming is one of my favorite liquid lipsticks.



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12 / 02 / 2016

I have loved using liquid lipsticks throughout 2016. Since they are heavier than traditional lip colors, I never thought I would like wearing them or find them comfortable. Liquid lipsticks are a cross between a gloss and lipstick, need at least one coat of color and no lip liner, and for the most part lasts double the amount of a traditional lip color. A few brands of liquid lipstick I like are Too Faced Melted, theBalm, Buxom, and Colourpop Ultra Satins.

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11 / 28 / 2016

theBalm Balm Desert Bronzer/Blush ($21) is so far the best bronzer I’ve tried. Balm Desert is so flattering with the pinky nude undertone. I originally wanted to try Bahama Mama, but it looked too dark w/brown as its main undertone, so instead I chose the Balm Desert. It can also be worn as a blush. I remember searching for a pinky nude blush, and Balm Desert is close enough to what I wanted. Balm Desert has successfully performed its double duty as the perfect bronzer and blush.


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11 / 25 / 2016


theBalm Time Balm Concealer in shade light/medium ($18) is described as an anti-aging full concealer designed for dark circles and spots. Time Balm reminds me of a hybrid of the Mac Studio Concealer and Benefit Boi-ing. Studio Concealer and Boi-ing are drying and thicker, but Time Balm is more nourishing and smoother. Time Balm works better because it does not crack, crease, settle in the lines, and once it sets, it looks like second skin. I use the Time Balm as an eye base before eye shadow. For easy application, I would either use my finger, a wedged sponge, or a small concealer brush.

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11 / 21 / 2016

Charming liquid lipstick is my newest product from theBalm to try. Charming is supposed to be a dupe for Kat Von D Lolita. I did not find the liquid lipsticks to have a good shade selection.  The selection is more on the ’90s’ browns, reds, and a few vibrant muted shades.

As I am getting better knowledge of how to pick comfortable liquid lipsticks, Meet Matt(e) Hughes is by far the most comfortable liquid lipstick I’ve tried this year right next to Too Faced Melted and Colourpop Ultra Satin.

The formula is very soft, comfortable, and transfers slightly. It dries down to a light ‘hug-able’ (hugged my lips after it dried) matte finish. Since the formula is not completely transferable, it was easy to wipe off without tugging or leaving behind staining. After the first swipe, it had nice opacity, so I don’t feel I need a lip liner.



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05 / 12 / 2016

My local Khols carries one of my favorite beauty lines called thebalm. I found the  Schwing Liquid Liner and Cheater Mascara set for $24.


The mascara is not an inky black but it does coat my lashes and curl the tip. I have a hard time with getting my lashes to curl with other mascaras, and the brush gives mine lift.

 The mascara has the coolest packing.

I used this mascara a few years ago and it still works the same. That’s fine with me since I like the formula.

Schwing Liquid Liner

I have hooded eyes, but I still wear liquid liner with a thin line. Schwing is inky and dries to a matte black.  The brush is thin and fine. I can’t do the wing liner look except the brush works for my hooded eyes with a basic black line.

 Here are the swatches of the mascara and liner swiped two times.

I’m happy with the mascara and liquid liner. The mascara curls, lifts, and coats my lashes, and the liner is easy to apply and define my hooded eyes. When used together, they made my eyes look awake.

Buy individually:

Cheater! and Schwing

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09 / 12 / 2015

I haven’t used this line called “The Balm” in a few years because it has been kind of hard to find. I think the line has exceptionally good pigmentation, is fair in price, has pretty packaging, and good ingredients.

Three products I have been a fan of are the Overshadow in Work is Over Rated, Plump Up Your Pucker in Passion My Fruit, and blush/shadow in Cabana Boy.


How I wear it (my personal preference):

I wear Passion My Fruit with brown and mauve lip colors in the center of my lips; Cabana Boy can be worn as a shadow too except I like wearing it more as a blush with a slight contour; Work is Overrated is super pigmented and shimmery, so I have to be a little bit careful how I wear it. I often lightly wear it as an all over the lid/face as a highlight.

The line is tricky to find in my area except I was thrilled to learn a few months ago my local Kohls has it in store and online ?.