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12 / 23 / 2016

There is not alot of blog reviews on the NYX Lip Lingerie. Shade ranges are very 90s. If anyone is into very flat nudes, the Lip Lingerie has a fairly good selection.  I did not find the other shades too appealing, so I chose Embellishment and Satin Ribbon.


I am a major fan of the NYX lip products. Satin Ribbon and Embellishment would probably make a very nice ombre if worn together. I watched several swatch/review YT videos. I remember in a couple of the videos the girls said the wand was too large and the lighter shades left behind some cracks and patchiness. Sure enough, I experienced the same thing. I feel I would need a lip liner to even out the color.


  • Flat Shades. I am getting into very flat shades. Satin Ribbon and Embellishment are very weird colors I can’t describe.
  • They are comfortable even though they dry down matte. After one coat, they felt pretty good.
  • The want picks up a good amount of product.
  • The shades do not look like ‘death.’ The shades looked good with my skin tone and didn’t clash.



  • I had difficulty tracing my lips with the large wand. I used the end tip of the wand to trace my lips. It is too bad they didn’t make the wand smaller.
  • I did notice some cracks and patchiness mainly from Satin Ribbon.


The Lip Lingerie are very different to wear than what I’m used to. I’m not quite sure how I feel about these just yet or if I plan to get more colors.


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10 / 30 / 2016

NYX came out with new Prismatic Eyeshadows ($5.99- Ulta or $6.00-NYX website). The Prismatic Eyeshadows are a collection of pigmented shimmers. They added new colors this year. I will be swatching and reviewing two new shades Gilded and Bewitched.

Gilded (a bright yellow)

Bewitched (bright keylime)

Review– both shades are not in your face or harsh. Gilded and Bewitched remind me more of spring/summer shades. I find them to be different from other shades I own and look great blended with neutrals or brown shadows. Just like most of the NYX line, the shades look bright in the pan, but swatch lighter on the skin. Just a personal preference, I use my finger to apply Gilded and Bewitched in my crease for easier blending. I swatched the shades once and they were pigmented and not patchy.

I think the new Prismatic shades were released in the summer but not widely reviewed or swatched.

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10 / 29 / 2016

I’ve been missing sparkly liquid eye liners. Doing some online NYX browsing, I found their Liquid Crystal Liners. I chose two shades at Ulta in Crystal Onyx and Crystal Pewter ($4.49).

Crystal Pewter


Review– Crystal Pewter has a clear base with multi-facets of blues, silvers, and lavender. I swatched it twice to get it deeper. I think the clear base may make it difficult to wear the liner on its own. I plan on wearing Crystal Pewter over my crease to add a hint of sparkle.

Crystal Onyx

Review– Crystal Onyx is more opaque after two coats. I have one minor concern with Crystal Onyx- it has a tingly feeling when applied but goes away after it dries. I don’t understand why it tingles. Pewter doesn’t tingle. I hope Onyx doesn’t have questionable ingredients causing tingling.

When I was getting into liquid liners, I remember Stila had sparkly liquid liners (I think those were limited edition). I accidentally exchanged my Stila sparkly liner, and I was so sad not realizing I liked using it. Crystal Onyx reminds me of the Stila one.


I don’t mind the Crystal Liner having a very fine brush. I find it makes the liner easier to apply.

How I Apply it: The formula and brush are different compared to most liquid liners I like using. Instead of sweeping the liner, I get better coverage by gently pressing the brush onto the lid, let it dry, and add another layer. If I keep swiping layers, the color will separate. The formula makes me wonder if multiple layers can be applied without the liner cracking or clumping.

I would like to try more colors and can see myself collecting them.

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08 / 29 / 2016

I will be reviewing and swatching the NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base in the shade White. On Youtube, I kept seeing beauty gurus continuously use the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk to make the eye shadow stand out more. I am cautious about a creamy base because they often crack or crease my eye shadow. This is my second time using the NYX eye shadow base (previously I used Skin Tone) and wanted something white.

Using a white base looks intimidating but it is not. In the pot, it looks like white out but once it dries, it dries down completely matte, and blends in the eye shadow without leaving behind white streaks.

In the example is Black Currant (shimmer) from the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons. The White base will NOT seep through the eye shadow and compete with the color. With the eye base, the shadow did turn out to be more pigmented and richer.

Tip: I apply the base with my finger or brush, I wait a few seconds for it to dry, then I apply some powder on top to set it.


NYX Eye shadow base comes in three shades- White, White Pearl, and Skin Tone.

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08 / 15 / 2016

I am expanding more with NYX. I took an interest in setting spray. Most of the setting sprays I came across where too expensive and not worth the price. I remembered NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray. I’ve been using the spray for a few months and here is what I noticed it did for my makeup:

Benefits of setting spray

  • my skin looked refreshed. It made skin appear to have a natural glow and not oily or shinny.
  • my makeup stayed in place much better and longer. I needed light retouches throughout the day.
  • setting spray can also be used to set loose, glitter, and shimmer shadows. I’ve seen plenty of YouTube videos where the guru would take the setting spray, and use the spray on the brush to set the eye shadows. Using setting spray to set certain eye shadow finishes does work.

Only Con:

  • If this spray is not aimed directly towards the face, it is easy to lose product. Before I close my eyes to mist, I try to make sure it is directed towards my face.

At first, I had a number or myths about setting spray. After using the spray for several months it has put to rest the following myths for me: it didn’t clog my pores, irritate my skin, or cause my makeup or eye makeup to run.

NYX Setting Spray did live up to most of my expectations. There is a matte version of the spray. The NYX website has it for $7.99.





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07 / 11 / 2016

I have added to my NYX Slim Pencils the shade Peekaboo ($3.50). Peekaboo is a color I decided to try after watching a male beauty guru named MannyMUA use it in a few of his tutorials. I love Peekaboo.  So far, my three favorite shades are Peekaboo, Prune, and Nude Pink.

These pencils are muted, soft, flattering, and can be worn with almost any shade; their finishes are matte;  they don’t feather or bleed; and the color stays put. I love wearing Prune with purples, plums, and browns; and Peekaboo and Pale Pink go with almost every other color I own. The shades have simplified my lip liner routine.

Lip liners get very pricey even on lower end brands. I think the Slim Pencils are very close in quality to other high end lip liners.


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02 / 26 / 2016

I am understanding more and more why NYX Cosmetics is such a popular drug store line. I am mainly a fan of their lip line. Most of their lip line is under $12 depending on the product. On social networking, I believe they have their own hastag for their lip colors called #nyxlippies. I own their lipsticks, butter glosses, lip liners, soft matte lip creams, and primers.

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02 / 15 / 2016

I found two new things I like from NYX to add to my ever growing collection of their lippies! They are the Ombre Lip Duo $12 and Intense Butter Gloss in Toasted Marshmallow $6.

Quick review: The Intense Butter Gloss formula is so pigmented and creamy. It almost feels like a super glossy liquid lip color. I won’t spend too much time talking about this with photos and details since there are plenty of reviews already on the web.

The Ombre Lip Duo

The Ombre Lip Duo is new designed with the lipstick on one side and a liner on the other to create an easy ombre lip. For $12 it is medium in pigment, creamy, non drying, and wears on fairly well.

I don’t have it, but Nutmeg almost reminds me of the Bite Beauty lipstick in Pepper.

Finally, here is Toasted Marshmallow and the lip duo worn together.

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01 / 08 / 2016

 The NYX Glam Aqua lipsticks were great to add to my growing collection of their lip products.

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