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04 / 22 / 2017

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02 / 25 / 2017

Stila’s glitter lip toppers is described as “mega-sparkle top coat…The break-through, bi-phase formula contains ultra-fine pearls in a clear water base, so it washes over lips, leaving the original matte color you love – but with a high-wattage, sparkle finish.”  I don’t go for lip toppers. I chose Transcend because it has a nice balance of a light/pink base with holographic sparkle. I feel the lip topper is more on the sparkly side as supposed to full on glitter.



Formula is thin and dries down. Since the base is water, it has to be shaken or the glitter will come out messy.

Glitter is medium after one generous layer. My lips did not look like they were glitter bombed but gave off more of a ‘light catching’ effect.

The Stila Glitterati Top Coat sells for $22.

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01 / 26 / 2017

Mug Shot




   My Jam Ultra Glossy Lip


During the Holidays, Colourpop was offering free things every week with purchase. I was able to get three free lip colors included in my haul.

Ultra Metallic lips- Mug Shot and Kween are two very different shades. Mug shot is described as a cranberry red, and Kween is described as a Marsala. I remember when these first came out last year I was reluctant to buy them. In all the pics of the Metallics, they look like they had way too much metallic. The metallic did not serve as a problem. I found the formula to be very comfortable and light. Their texture is lighter than the Ultra Mattes and Satins. I don’t think they fall under the category as an actual liquid lipstick. These do transfer and leave behind some metallic on the lips.

Ultra  Glossy lips-  My Jam reminds me of those Jouer Lip Toppers all the Youtubers are using. I haven’t used lip gloss all that much in the past year. My Jam stood out to me. The My Jam brush does take out alot of product and some of the product has to be whipped. I made the mistake of adding too much gloss on my bottom lip with a matte lip shade and it caused some separation.

These are Brittany approved!


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01 / 15 / 2017



I already have a full review on the Wildly Whipped Liquid Lipstick. Even though Instigator did not work out, I still love the formula and decided to give it another try with Nudist. For me, Nudist is a better shade with how it settles than Instigator. I’ve been getting into very pale pastel nudes. Nudist is a pale pastel nude with peach undertones.

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01 / 03 / 2017

Too Faced Melted Metal in Bunny. I can best describe the feel as a metallic creamier lip gloss instead of a liquid lipstick. The formula is not tacky nor is it transfer proof. I’ve worn this shade a few times and needed retouches. I love the color.


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01 / 03 / 2017


I’m disappointed on the limited Colourpop lippie pencil ($5) reviews. I have Dopey pencil w/Ultra Satin ($11). The pencil is very smooth, has a fine tip, and a matte finish. It did not weigh down my lips. I own Toolips lip liner. Both lip liners offer a sharp defined lip line where I don’t have to over draw my lips. I forgot to do a close up shot of the pencil tip. Some pencils get dull and break very quickly even after a fresh sharpen. When I resharpened the pencil, I was able to get about four more uses.  The pencils blend in so well with their coordinating shades it is hard to tell there is a full liner underneath.

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12 / 23 / 2016





  • Light weight and comfortable matte



  • Instigator is described as a deep berry. There’s no shade description for Charming. Charming and Investigator look terracotta to me.
  • Perfect Dupes


Verdict- Since Instigator and Charming are perfect dupes, I returned Instigator.  I did not like the way Instigator set on my lips. I think theBalm is better with consistency and color. TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Charming is one of my favorite liquid lipsticks.



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12 / 23 / 2016

There is not alot of blog reviews on the NYX Lip Lingerie. Shade ranges are very 90s. If anyone is into very flat nudes, the Lip Lingerie has a fairly good selection.  I did not find the other shades too appealing, so I chose Embellishment and Satin Ribbon.


I am a major fan of the NYX lip products. Satin Ribbon and Embellishment would probably make a very nice ombre if worn together. I watched several swatch/review YT videos. I remember in a couple of the videos the girls said the wand was too large and the lighter shades left behind some cracks and patchiness. Sure enough, I experienced the same thing. I feel I would need a lip liner to even out the color.


  • Flat Shades. I am getting into very flat shades. Satin Ribbon and Embellishment are very weird colors I can’t describe.
  • They are comfortable even though they dry down matte. After one coat, they felt pretty good.
  • The want picks up a good amount of product.
  • The shades do not look like ‘death.’ The shades looked good with my skin tone and didn’t clash.



  • I had difficulty tracing my lips with the large wand. I used the end tip of the wand to trace my lips. It is too bad they didn’t make the wand smaller.
  • I did notice some cracks and patchiness mainly from Satin Ribbon.


The Lip Lingerie are very different to wear than what I’m used to. I’m not quite sure how I feel about these just yet or if I plan to get more colors.


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12 / 02 / 2016

I have loved using liquid lipsticks throughout 2016. Since they are heavier than traditional lip colors, I never thought I would like wearing them or find them comfortable. Liquid lipsticks are a cross between a gloss and lipstick, need at least one coat of color and no lip liner, and for the most part lasts double the amount of a traditional lip color. A few brands of liquid lipstick I like are Too Faced Melted, theBalm, Buxom, and Colourpop Ultra Satins.

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