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01 / 22 / 2016

Here is what I plan to bring in my medium sized Minnie Mouse backpack. First off, I love the backpack. I think it is stylish and mature enough for my age to wear for other occasions that may call for it. I bought mine at a place called “Vans Shoes Off The Wall” inside the local mall. Since Disney tightened up their security, over sized bags of any kind are no longer allowed in the park. I think the size of my bag is just right. I Minnie Mouse themed my accessories. It wasn’t planned. I like Minnie and decided to go her style.

 My front pocket will contain my autograph book and pen and smartphone.

 The extra things not photographed here I plan to bring:

  • a water bottle
  • extra shirt
  • light weight jacket (in case it gets cold)
  • camera
  • portable battery chargers for the phone and camera
  • extra camera memory card


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01 / 15 / 2016

My phone is an HTC816 phablet. The Minnie Mouse hard case came from Amazon, and the Tinkerbell wallpaper was originally created for iphones by a tumblr called MickeyandCompany. Surprisingly, the phone background fit in my screen after the cropping. I was having some light issues when I was trying to take the picture of my screensaver. My decked out Disney phone has nothing to do with my trip that I have been planning- read here and here.

My phone is very basic with the apps. I am not big on them since I do most of my browsing on a computer or laptop. The only apps I like using are Pandora, sometimes Spotify, and Gmail. I prefer to do social media and other browsing on the computer or laptop instead of phone.

I like and appreciate my phone alot because it helps me get most of whatever it is I am doing done.


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12 / 29 / 2015

Double tap image to get full size.

Even though this blog is dedicated to beauty, I decided to feature some posts of how I plan my Walt Disney World vacation trips since I don’t have a separate site for it.

Disclaimer: this is just based on my personal past and present likes at Disney.

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