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10 / 24 / 2016

It is time to clean out my collection, so I figured the best way to start is by clearing up the dupes.

Blues- Steel and Navy



Greens / Teals

  Rich purples

I am still determining Dixie/Yana and Hazel/FeiFei. Dixie and Yana look like dupes even though Zoya describes Dixie as watermelon red and Yana as geranium pink. By my judgement, they photograph exactly the same, but I noticed Dixie is a solid cream while Yana has a mildly silver undertone. I can’t figure out Hazel and FeiFei. Hazel has more opacity, and one coat of FeiFei looks like a top coat.

I put Dixie/Yana and Hazel/FeiFei aside, and kept Haven, Giada, Rikki, Hazel, Estelle, and Neve.

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08 / 18 / 2016

I have two golden eye shadow comparisons featuring Bold Bling $12 single (Buxom Customizable Eye Shadow Bar) and Molasses Chip (Chocolate Bon Bons) $49.


In person, they do look a little different. Bold Bling has a rose undertone and Molasses Chip is more bronze.