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05 / 11 / 2017

They’re Real Blue Mascara ($24) is a colored mascara that leaves behind a blue tint  while giving the lashes volume.

The brush is not those fat thistly brushes I’m used to but it does pick up a good amount of product.

The color is not a shocking bright blue. When the mascara dries down, the blue tint is there without over powering the eye look. The formula improved. When I touched my lashes, they didn’t feel hard or brittle.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this colored mascara. They need to come out with more shades like purple or forest green.

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04 / 22 / 2017

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02 / 07 / 2017

HSN Benefit Cosmetics Defined & Refined Brow Kit $34

 The kit is a four piece set from their redesigned brow line. The kit includes a brow primer, pencil, measuring tool, and highlight.



I am not going into full detail of how to use the products since everyone has a different brow routine. I’m currently happy with mine except I feel this kit makes it easier to have natural and defined brows.

The primer is clear and has a ‘cool to the touch feel.’ I had no idea brow primers existed. I don’t know if a brow primer is something I will regularly start adding to my beauty routine.

The High Brow swatches white but blends in transparent creating an arch.

The Mapping Tool is so neat. The tool is used to map out where the brows need to be filled. I don’t know if the tool is sold separately.

Pencils can have a reputation of being too harsh to fill in the whole brow. My Brow pencil is soft and smooth, doesn’t give off harsh lines, and looks like my natural hairs. The pencil is on one end with a spooly on the other. I don’t like super dark eyebrows, so I chose the shade Light Brown even though I have black/brown hair.

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07 / 17 / 2015


My new mascara is the  Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara 0.14 oz.

The Roller Lash is the neatest mascara with packaging and the curl brush.

The brush is narrow and nicely curved which also worked for the bottom of my lashes. I did notice a difference in color, length, and curl. I needed about 4 coats of mascara and had to really work it in order to see results and even after 4 coats it did not clump, get dry, hard, or flake.

Benefit scores again with another great mascara.