Colourpop Ultra blotted Lip in Zuma

The Ultra Blotted Lip is described as:

 A medium coverage matte lipstick that creates a soft, diffused look. It is completely transfer-proof and long-wearing but also lightweight and comfortable.

My Thoughts:

I thought the Ultra Blotted was going to be the same as the Ultra Mattes. Both formulas are completely different. I like the Ultra Blotted lips more due to how they feel and wear. The Ultra Blot dries down to a full matte with minimal transfer and easy removal. Zuma is a warm nude and not opaque (not even after one layer). When Zuma dried down, it was not flakey or heavy.

To me, Zuma is perfect when I need an easy to wear matte nude.


I went a mini NYX Ulta Haul and purchased the 3 Steps to Sculpt Face Sculpting Palette, Cosmic Lip Creme in Galactic Love and the new Duo Chromatic lip gloss in Fairplay, and three Slim Pencils. I didn’t swatch much in the post. Face products don’t always show up as well as I would like, and the Slim Pencils are too basic looking to bother. I hope the post is still helpful. The permanent items are Sculpting Palette, Cosmic Lip Creme, and Slim Pencils. I think the Duo Chrome gloss is limited edition.

3 Steps to Sculpt

Even though I don’t contour as much as I used to, I still like it when I get the chance. I don’t like big contour palettes and was looking for something more basic. The 3-Steps was released last year, but I held off on it for awhile. I have the shade Light. I knew right away light was going to be way more flattering than medium. The trio blended beautifully and was not chalky, dry, or ashy. The highlight is subtle, the brightening powder did wonders for under my eyes, and the contour shade did not leave a harsh line or compete with the blush. I love the contour color. The contour left such a nice definition. The 3-Steps is a great way to get started with contouring.


Galactic Love Cosmic Lip Creme

Galactic Love is apart of the Cosmic Metals more ‘natural’ shade selection. Galactic Love is nicely opaque, scentless, light weight, and non sticky cream gloss (like the Bite Beauty Prism glosses). The wand gave me zero troubles.


Fairplay Duo Chrome Gloss

Fairplay is a basic lip topper gloss, scentless, and light. It has nice diminsion and fair coverage on its own. I feel it will be the answer to all my other dull lip shades.

Slim Pencils

The Slim Pencils is something I just can’t help collecting. I have been using the Slim Pencils for over a year and love them. I wanted a sparkly black liner. I hope the sparkly black doesn’t crack like my old Urban Decay Oil Slick pencil. The Slim Pencils I added to my collection are Beige (lip liner), Black, and Black Shimmer.


Colourpop No Filter Concealer

The Colourpop No Filter concealers ($6) are creamy, full coverage, and matte. I have medium skin with yellow undertones.

Online, it is always going to be difficult choosing the right shade. Even though I am fairly confident with my shade, I still struggled picking shades. My main worry was the oxidizing, and if the shade was going to look totally different in person. In selecting your shade for highlighting go one shade lighter, and for contouring, go one shade deeper (if you are into that).

I rarely wear foundation and go for concealer. On me, Light 20 was perfect as a concealer and highlight but not as foundation. As foundation, Light 20 was too pale, but Medium 30 was a perfect match.  If one decides to wear the concealer as foundation, the wand picks up enough color for the whole face (depend on face size and how much coverage is desired). I was watching some YT videos on the concealer. I think (my observance) the girls were applying too much. When I wear it as foundation, I personally do not go crazy bathing my face. Since the concealers are already full coverage and very matte, a little bit goes a long way, and just enough product is on the wand.


I am in love with the wand and how it feels on my skin. The wand is flexible and soft, and picks up enough to do both eyes on one dip!

 Here is a video on how they made the product


Colourpop Crushed Crystals Adventurine Setting Spray

Colourpop Crushed Crystals Adventurine Setting Spray ($6). The spray is cucumber scented, in a glass bottle, easy to clean, and very cooling and hydrating.


I never collect makeup sprays, and Adventurine is the second spray I’ve used. My first spray was the NYX Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray (Dewy Finish). In a short comparison:



  • lighter mist
  • more product
  • bottle stains faster


  • stronger nosel
  • heavier mist
  • uses product much faster

A major con to the Colourpop setting spray is it uses up product (probably because of the heavy mist). If one likes drenching his or her face in spray, expect to use the product quickly. I haven’t change the nosel on the Colourpop one just yet, but when I do, I’ll see if it works.

I’ll continue to repurchase the Colourpop sprays until they are discontinued. I don’t know if the sprays are permanent or limited edition. When the sprays first launched, they were limited edition, but I don’t know if they made them permanent.

Crystal themes mean nothing, so just pick anyone that will fit your liking.


Crushed lip balms

Colourpop Rose Quartz and Aquamarine Crushed Crystal Lip Balm

Over the summer, Colourpop released a Crushed Crystals Collection featuring Crystal themed lip balms, liquid highlighters, and sprays. My first part is going to feature the two lip balms and then the setting spray.

On me, there is not much to swatch since the base of the balms are a very sheer pearl with a flip. Rose Quartz has a pink pearly flip and Aquamarine has a blue pearly flip. The balms are in a classic bullet and very easy to clean. Makeup stains just whipe right off. The white base will not compete with the lip color and disappear over the selected shade leaving the flip.

Three Negatives

  • not long wearing
  • not long hydrating
  • the lipstick will smear on the tube of the lip balm

The balms should have been more hydrating and longer wearing. I did not like them over liquid lipsticks because most of the color went on the tube. Over regular lip products, they work much better.

Overall, the balms are unique and an easy way to experiement with the lip topper trend.

Colourpop Element of Surprise Palette

Colourpop Element of Surprise contains 12 shadows for $16. Shade and finishes includes:

Feels: metallic soft opalescent pink
Late Night: metallic copper with gold duochrome
Silk Street: matte purple-fuchsia
Rayon: metallic dark coral with blue-green duochrome
Go With the Flow: matte true peach
Subdue: metallic lavender with blue-green duochrome
Opulent: metallic bright true fuchsia
Labyrinth: matte dusty pink
Blank Canvas: matte deep maroon
Sea Stars: matte medium yellow brown
Details: matte smoky burgundy sprinkled with hot pink glitter
Peace of Mind: metallic bright burgundy

Extra Details:

  • the pans are smaller than their individual shadows.
  • the packaging is more compact, cardboard, and no mirror.
  • the pans can be easily depotted.
  • Labyrinth and Sea Stars are sold individually ($5).

Since I don’t go through palettes, the size of the pans is just fine for me. As I was swatching, I did notice the wiggle room for easy depotting; and the pans are magentic but do not have info on the back. The only downside is the color scheme. The scheme should have been arranged from light to dark with the coordinating.

Element of Surprise is a great way to play with color. As with most palettes, I find myself having a hard time using all the colors. I feel Silk Street, Blank Canvas, Opulent, and Peace of Mind might look weird on me, but I think I can work with it.


The finger swatches without a base or primer. Blank Canvas, Details, and Silk Street are uneven but the rest swatched smoothly.


Element of Surpise is going to be a match for those who don’t mind the color scheme or selection.