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03 / 20 / 2017



The PhotoBalm Powder Foundation acts a filter designed for photos to cover imperfections. I couldn’t swatch it because on me there really wasn’t that much to swatch. PhotoBalm is very light weight, smooth, and blends in perfectly with my other foundations. I noticed the powder did even out my skin and cover minor imperfections. PhotoBalm isn’t exactly full coverage but more medium and can double as a setting powder.


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03 / 16 / 2017


(I didn’t realize it was swatched too light on my hand)

  Play by Play


High Strung


Running Late


Sideline, Play by Play, and High Strung are metallic and Running Late is matte. Compared to their Super Shock Shadows, the pressed powder is truer to color even though they are bold. The formula of the metallics and matte were not powdery, had minimal fallout, and excellent on the pigmentation. I love wearing metallic shadows. Most metallic shadows I’ve used get dry, are hard to blend out, and I often end up spreading them all over. CP’s metallics did not do any of that. Running Late also did a very good job for a matte shadow. On the brush, I only need to swipe them twice for added intensity.  The shadows are very close to a dupe for the ABH Singles.

The pressed shadows are sold individually. There are a few premade palettes for ($18).



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03 / 10 / 2017

Colourpop has new tie dye highlighters. Tie Dye highlighter feels exactly like the Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter on steroids. Whipped is described as satin, tie dye, pearlized finish in the golds and bronze shades and more towards medium skin tones. In person, it has microglitter with a slight pink/lavender hue.  It stays on for a fair amount of time. On me, it lasted a few hours. Even though the formula is not pressed, it is super silky.  I think this is one of the silkiest highlighters I’ve touched.


  Whipped is sold individually and in a set.

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02 / 28 / 2017

I find so many hidden treasures at Target. I’ve used Ecotools brushes with very positive results. When I needed to update some of my double ended brushes, I accidentally found this set.



I am not an avid high end brush collector. I hate cleaning brushes and often use the same brush to multitask. The double ended brushes are great of lower maintenance care and use. I am now starting to consider double ended brushes if they are quality. I often don’t pay attention to see if brushes go with my hooded eye shape. Without trying, these brushes work great for my medium hooded eyes. Ecotools brushes are good quality for being drug store.

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02 / 28 / 2017

DermAppeal is an at home Microdermabrasion Treatment. Since this was a one time value, the jar is not on Evine or  Skinn websites. However, Evine does sell the DermAppeal as a tube duo ($36).

Skinn Cosmetics website definition

Aluminum oxide-free resurfacing and revitalizing treatment utilizes a naturally occurring mineral from the Dead Sea, Kakadu Plum Extract, one of the world’s highest natural sources of Vitamin C, as well as five different stabilized forms of antioxidant Vitamin C Crystals.

Personal Benefits

I used the scrub in the tube version and was instantly in love. The scrub is very minty, luxurious, cooling, and refreshing. I noticed instant brightening and rejuvenation. I appreciate the size of the jar since it will last a much longer. I use the scrub two times a week and sometimes more if my skin needs extra care.

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02 / 25 / 2017

Stila’s glitter lip toppers is described as “mega-sparkle top coat…The break-through, bi-phase formula contains ultra-fine pearls in a clear water base, so it washes over lips, leaving the original matte color you love – but with a high-wattage, sparkle finish.”  I don’t go for lip toppers. I chose Transcend because it has a nice balance of a light/pink base with holographic sparkle. I feel the lip topper is more on the sparkly side as supposed to full on glitter.



Formula is thin and dries down. Since the base is water, it has to be shaken or the glitter will come out messy.

Glitter is medium after one generous layer. My lips did not look like they were glitter bombed but gave off more of a ‘light catching’ effect.

The Stila Glitterati Top Coat sells for $22.

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02 / 22 / 2017


 theBalm blushes have their magical touch on my skin. Instain Pinstripe blush is a satin plum. I wanted a cool toned blush for awhile and didn’t find anything too impressive until I saw Pinstripe. Pinstripe is way softer than their shadow/blush Cabana Boy. Since I am not used to wearing cool toned plums, I though Pinstripe was going to be too dark but it is more on the light/medium side.

Instain blushes sell for $22 and come in five other shades.

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02 / 07 / 2017

HSN Benefit Cosmetics Defined & Refined Brow Kit $34

 The kit is a four piece set from their redesigned brow line. The kit includes a brow primer, pencil, measuring tool, and highlight.



I am not going into full detail of how to use the products since everyone has a different brow routine. I’m currently happy with mine except I feel this kit makes it easier to have natural and defined brows.

The primer is clear and has a ‘cool to the touch feel.’ I had no idea brow primers existed. I don’t know if a brow primer is something I will regularly start adding to my beauty routine.

The High Brow swatches white but blends in transparent creating an arch.

The Mapping Tool is so neat. The tool is used to map out where the brows need to be filled. I don’t know if the tool is sold separately.

Pencils can have a reputation of being too harsh to fill in the whole brow. My Brow pencil is soft and smooth, doesn’t give off harsh lines, and looks like my natural hairs. The pencil is on one end with a spooly on the other. I don’t like super dark eyebrows, so I chose the shade Light Brown even though I have black/brown hair.

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02 / 07 / 2017

I started playing around with Nail Decals. Etsy has a wide selection of extremely affordable nail decals. My nails are short, and it is difficult to do free hand nail art. The decals make it super easy for me to get my inspired design. I haven’t played with the Winnie the Pooh patterns, but I have the flowers and Minnie.




an easy tutorial

I agree with Phoebe Moon on the decals not being totally smoothed out. As I applied the nail polish to wet nails, I made the mistake of moving them around to get it in place. It is best to let the polish dry for a few minutes, so the decal doesn’t separate the color. The decals came in my size, but I still had to slightly trim them down. My nail size is youth since they are short. The staying power is impressive. Mine lasted a week through cleaning, hand washing, and daily tasks.

Nail decals are the easiest way to cheat with nail art.

Where I purchased mine