Expired Products, Worth the Repurchase?

I recently tossed out a number of expired products that I had way past the expiration date. From this batch of products, I repurchased just the NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Tres Leches.

The Balm blushes are amazing, but I don’t wear blush like before, so they will be wasted if repurchased. I’m contemplating on repurchasing Ultraviolet and LSD Glide-ons.

The Naked gloss is way too boring to give a second thought (I don’t think they even carry it). I’m still holding off on repurchasing the NYX Butter Glosses in Vanilla Cream Pie and Merengue.

The Colourpop shadow (4th photo left) in Bae dried up and cracked before I had a chance to use it. I was scared of Bae when I got it home and never gave it a fair chance. Once I started using it, I dried up quickly even though the lid was sealed after use.

Even though I might not repurchase the blushes at all, the NYX glosses and Glide-ons do work wonderfully, so I will be interested in getting them but in other shades.

In order to determine what needed to be tossed, I researched expired makeup signs. This batch of expired makeup had the signs that it needed to be tossed. The blushes changed in texture and the packaging was worn out, the Glide-ons lost most of their pigment and dried up even after sharpening, and the glosses started smelling and went on uneven.

 I’m going to write a better post on expired makeup.