Colourpop Running in Orbits Supernova Shadow is described as a Taupe loaded with blue glitter for $7.



I love the shade. Running in Orbits is my first Supernova Shadow.  During application, I noticed it was cooling and it did not crease or flake off. On me, the Supernova is hooded eye friendly and did not transfer on the crease.

Is it similar to the Stila Magnificent Glitters? I don’t own them, so I can’t 100% say. Many beauty gurus say they are different. I remember wanting the Magnificent glitters except I was always and still doubtful if they will stay put and not flake. I know everyone loves them. I tested the Stila Glitters off and on. I did notice compared to the Supernova, the Stila Glitters are way chunkier and more intense. The Supernova shadows are far from a dupe or a rip off of the Stila Glitters. Colourpop did their own more wearable and more affordable version of them. I view the Stila Glitters and Supernova shadows as totally different.

I don’t know if this shade is permnante or limited edition.

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