Colourpop Crushed Crystals Adventurine Setting Spray

Colourpop Crushed Crystals Adventurine Setting Spray ($6). The spray is cucumber scented, in a glass bottle, easy to clean, and very cooling and hydrating.


I never collect makeup sprays, and Adventurine is the second spray I’ve used. My first spray was the NYX Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray (Dewy Finish). In a short comparison:



  • lighter mist
  • more product
  • bottle stains faster


  • stronger nosel
  • heavier mist
  • uses product much faster

A major con to the Colourpop setting spray is it uses up product (probably because of the heavy mist). If one likes drenching his or her face in spray, expect to use the product quickly. I haven’t change the nosel on the Colourpop one just yet, but when I do, I’ll see if it works.

I’ll continue to repurchase the Colourpop sprays until they are discontinued. I don’t know if the sprays are permanent or limited edition. When the sprays first launched, they were limited edition, but I don’t know if they made them permanent.

Crystal themes mean nothing, so just pick anyone that will fit your liking.


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