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11 / 17 / 2016

Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation with Primer Sample and Brush $42 at HSN.





Formula: Light weight Liquid

Packaging: Glass w/a pump

Finish: Matte

Shade: 2.2

Since liquid matte foundations get uncomfortable and cakey, I do not like to wear them for long periods of time or on a daily basis. Studio Skin is so feather light weight it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything, did not settle in my lines, and comfortable enough to wear for longer periods of time. The foundation shade range is interesting. Shades are numbered except HSN does not provide the full shade range. I am attracted to sets with full size brushes. The Smashbox Foundation Brush is ok. I haven’t noticed much of a difference with this brush and the others I use.

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11 / 10 / 2016

The Kat Von D Innerstellar Palette ($46) is a limited edition eye shadow palette featuring 12 cool toned satin shades.

The palette can be worn any possible way, but I like they are grouped in trios with the highlight shade on top.



  1st Group

   2nd Group

   3rd Group

KVD has amazing packaging. Since the palette is shiny, I found it hard to photograph the front and back. Detailing of the packing is very cool and has a magnifying mirror like most of her palettes. At first glance, I thought some of the shades were matte. They were swatched once, gave off very good pigment, and were not patchy or had fallout. Innerstellar did remind me of past palettes I owned but 2.0. Looking at Innerstellar, I thought some of the shades could be a possible dupe for the Urban Decay Naked2 Palette. I think Innerstellar is better.

Personally, Innerstellar was another perfect palette to wrap up 2016 ?

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11 / 07 / 2016

Zoya Enchanted Collection for winter 2016.

Four Pixie Dust

   two duochromes

I love shades Olivera, Saint, Lorena, and Alice. The whole collection looks very different from the old ones. I don’t see too many dupes. The Pixie Dusts are matte glitters, but not hard and chunky. The formula was very smooth for the Pixie Dust and duochrome. The Enchanted collection has the colors I love wearing.

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11 / 03 / 2016

 I’ll provide links and a short description the best way I can of this edition of empties.


  Trader Joe’s

  • All in One Facial Cleanser– This is my ‘rotation’ cleanser. I purchase this once start needing cleanser and don’t feel like hunting for a new one. Benefits- removes makeup easily and is exceptionally potent.
  • Antioxidant Facial Serum (top photo L)- I was using the serum mixed with my makeup to add more nourishment to my skin. It has a citrus scent from the vitamin C but has no cooling effect like most serums.

I can’t find links to the products on the Trader Joe’s website. I think the prices vary at each store.

Skinn Cosmetics


I am the biggest Skinn Cosmetics fan. I have been satisfied with all my purchases and skin results. My Skinn empties were purchased from individual kits. I like the serums because they are so cooling, refreshing, and hydrating; the Pore Detox is a gentle scrub and ok; and the Olive & Enzyme Cleanser is the perfect cream for makeup removal.



The Eye Cream and Brightening Oil did work wonders for my skin but is pricey.

Hair Care

  • Paul Mitchel Super Skinny Hair Serum– I don’t review hair care products (I might start). The serum feels so good on my hair. I’ve purchased it twice. It smells good and isn’t oily or greasy.


I don’t plan on repurchasing any of these items. Korres and Skinn items were from value sets on Evine and HSN, and maybe I’ll end up with those again if they come in sets. I have nothing against Paul Mitchel, Korres, and Skinn, but my skin and hair routine continuously changes. During each change, I try other items from them to meet my current needs.


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10 / 30 / 2016

NYX came out with new Prismatic Eyeshadows ($5.99- Ulta or $6.00-NYX website). The Prismatic Eyeshadows are a collection of pigmented shimmers. They added new colors this year. I will be swatching and reviewing two new shades Gilded and Bewitched.

Gilded (a bright yellow)

Bewitched (bright keylime)

Review– both shades are not in your face or harsh. Gilded and Bewitched remind me more of spring/summer shades. I find them to be different from other shades I own and look great blended with neutrals or brown shadows. Just like most of the NYX line, the shades look bright in the pan, but swatch lighter on the skin. Just a personal preference, I use my finger to apply Gilded and Bewitched in my crease for easier blending. I swatched the shades once and they were pigmented and not patchy.

I think the new Prismatic shades were released in the summer but not widely reviewed or swatched.

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10 / 29 / 2016

I’ve been missing sparkly liquid eye liners. Doing some online NYX browsing, I found their Liquid Crystal Liners. I chose two shades at Ulta in Crystal Onyx and Crystal Pewter ($4.49).

Crystal Pewter


Review– Crystal Pewter has a clear base with multi-facets of blues, silvers, and lavender. I swatched it twice to get it deeper. I think the clear base may make it difficult to wear the liner on its own. I plan on wearing Crystal Pewter over my crease to add a hint of sparkle.

Crystal Onyx

Review– Crystal Onyx is more opaque after two coats. I have one minor concern with Crystal Onyx- it has a tingly feeling when applied but goes away after it dries. I don’t understand why it tingles. Pewter doesn’t tingle. I hope Onyx doesn’t have questionable ingredients causing tingling.

When I was getting into liquid liners, I remember Stila had sparkly liquid liners (I think those were limited edition). I accidentally exchanged my Stila sparkly liner, and I was so sad not realizing I liked using it. Crystal Onyx reminds me of the Stila one.


I don’t mind the Crystal Liner having a very fine brush. I find it makes the liner easier to apply.

How I Apply it: The formula and brush are different compared to most liquid liners I like using. Instead of sweeping the liner, I get better coverage by gently pressing the brush onto the lid, let it dry, and add another layer. If I keep swiping layers, the color will separate. The formula makes me wonder if multiple layers can be applied without the liner cracking or clumping.

I would like to try more colors and can see myself collecting them.

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10 / 24 / 2016

It is time to clean out my collection, so I figured the best way to start is by clearing up the dupes.

Blues- Steel and Navy



Greens / Teals

  Rich purples

I am still determining Dixie/Yana and Hazel/FeiFei. Dixie and Yana look like dupes even though Zoya describes Dixie as watermelon red and Yana as geranium pink. By my judgement, they photograph exactly the same, but I noticed Dixie is a solid cream while Yana has a mildly silver undertone. I can’t figure out Hazel and FeiFei. Hazel has more opacity, and one coat of FeiFei looks like a top coat.

I put Dixie/Yana and Hazel/FeiFei aside, and kept Haven, Giada, Rikki, Hazel, Estelle, and Neve.

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10 / 24 / 2016

I don’t have all the swatches, but here are some comparisons of the Zoya Urban Grunge Collection with past polishes.


 Sia and Mallory are Dupes


  • Desiree and Emilia
  • Sia and Mallory
  • Ember and Elisa
  • Janel and Livingston

Sister Shades

  • Hannah to Janel and Livingston
  • Jem to Britta
  • Toni to Tara
  • Wyatt and Hunter

Zoya did reformulate their polishes. Their creams have a glossier finish and are more opaque compared to previous collections. I know Wyatt, Tara, Sia and Mallory, and Janel and Livingston,  are apart of their newly formulated collections. I can’t remember when they made their formula better.

As I did some decluttering, I gave out the dupes and kept for myself Wyatt, Jem, Britta, Tara, Toni, Ember, Mallory, Janel and Livingston, and Desiree and Emilia.


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10 / 18 / 2016

I was very late to post my September favorites, and since we are half way through October, I figured it would be better to combined them.


  • Muse and So Quiche Super Shock Eye Shadows
  • Ultra Satins in Dopey, Femme, and Point Zero

Muse, So Quiche, Dopey, Femme, and Point Zero are perfect for fall and my skin tone. I’m getting into bolder colors, and these shades are bolder compared to what I normally choose to wear.

Urban Decay

  • 8 hr After Glow Highlighter in Fireball (I never made a full review on this). Fireball works great for medium skin. It has peach and pink duochrome and catches the light.


  • Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation. It is in a loose powder matte formula. I use this for baking under my eyes and setting my makeup.  There are days were I do not want to wear foundation. This powder offers enough coverage I can wear it alone without foundation.



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