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04 / 22 / 2017


I gave Lusty Rose out before I was able to do the full review. Lusty Rose will not be featured. I will be featuring Flame Game, Pink Thrills, and Revved-Up Red (the boldest).

Flame Game, Revved-Up Red, and Pink Thrills are very true to color. Even though these colors are extremely bold and juicy (I love juicy shades), they are still very wearable. The colors do not look cheap like kids makeup.



Big and Sexy lips are also sold individually full sized. The Big and Sexy Lip Kit is deluxe and half the size of the full. To me the deluxe size doesn’t matter since I don’t go quickly through lipsticks. I’ve had problems in the past with smaller lipsticks breaking. So far, the deluxe size hasn’t broke on me. The Big and Sexy lips are designed to give off the ‘ombre’ effect with the dark shade on one side and light on the other.

Shade Range– in the shade range of the kit and full size colors, the majority are bold. Besides Lusty Rose, the two other softer shades are Nude Scandal and Juicy Berry (a must need berry. I plan on getting this shade later). I do not go out of my way to purchase colors like Flame Game, Revved-up Red, and Pink Thrills. I don’t understand in the kit there would include three bold colors and one nude. I would have done the selection differently by doing all bold shades in the kit. It is too bad they didn’t make a second lip kit with the softer shades.

Formula- The formula is perfect. The lipstick is one of the most nourishing lipsticks I own.

Staying power- On me, the color stayed on for a good 1hr and 1/2 with minimal fading. The shade did not change color or stain.

Other positives- lip liner is optional. The color has about medium opacity.

I am going to go ahead and put They’re Real lips as my top 2017 lipsticks. I would definitely buy more of the lipsticks if they came out with softer shades.