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09 / 07 / 2015

About Brittany

Age: Mid 20’s

Education: Bachelor’s in Business Management

Ethnicity: Puerto Rican

Physical Traits: Medium skin with olive undertones, brownish black hair with brown eyes, and medium height.

About the Blog

Launch: Original launch was in 2013 from Blogger then to WordPress Org in mid spring of 2015. In between, I also blogged for awhile on tumblr. I decided to upgrade blogging platforms for better quality posts and photo uploads.

Why the Blog was created and a brief history: a passion for beauty. Largely, beauty is all this blog is based on. I have tried in the past adding smaller things to the blog, but I realize I write best about beauty. I actually started a beauty blog way before 2013 but had a hard time keeping up with it because I was in college. During my final two years of college, I reopened the blog with better quality content. Creating this blog was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Most of the featured brands that I write about are companies I have a passion for and trust. Some of my links are through the Sephora Affiliates Program or the beauty brand’s direct website.

Equipment and Editing:¬†Nikons8100 and Photoshop Elements (basic photo editing). I do believe in photo editing. I don’t like over editing my pics because I like them to stay as realistic and clear as possible.