Zoya Mystery Box 2018

I received PR of the 2018 Zoya Mystery Box, and it is wonderful 😍. I needed a new nail routine, and the amazing box had everything I was looking for. All the products in the box are permanent. Nine of the ten products are full size. I received a base and top coat, the Lavender Perfector Nail Treatment, Solid Gold Cuticle Oil, Fast Dry Drops, lipstick, and Brighton (new polish). The box also featured two new products- a serum and lotion.

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Zoya Kisses Collection with Leia Topper

Zoya Kisses Collection consists of three new jelly polishes in Princess, Libby, and Leia topper.  Their new formula is slighly more opaque at one coat with some nail visible. The jelly polishes went on smoothly, didn’t leave any spaces, and had a glossy finish. Princess and Leia are my favorite.

I never use jelly polishes, but I like the Kisses collection. I know jelly polishes are applied different except I didn’t have to do anything special with this collection and applied them like a normal polish.


I went a mini NYX Ulta Haul and purchased the 3 Steps to Sculpt Face Sculpting Palette, Cosmic Lip Creme in Galactic Love and the new Duo Chromatic lip gloss in Fairplay, and three Slim Pencils. I didn’t swatch much in the post. Face products don’t always show up as well as I would like, and the Slim Pencils are too basic looking to bother. I hope the post is still helpful. The permanent items are Sculpting Palette, Cosmic Lip Creme, and Slim Pencils. I think the Duo Chrome gloss is limited edition.

3 Steps to Sculpt

Even though I don’t contour as much as I used to, I still like it when I get the chance. I don’t like big contour palettes and was looking for something more basic. The 3-Steps was released last year, but I held off on it for awhile. I have the shade Light. I knew right away light was going to be way more flattering than medium. The trio blended beautifully and was not chalky, dry, or ashy. The highlight is subtle, the brightening powder did wonders for under my eyes, and the contour shade did not leave a harsh line or compete with the blush. I love the contour color. The contour left such a nice definition. The 3-Steps is a great way to get started with contouring.


Galactic Love Cosmic Lip Creme

Galactic Love is apart of the Cosmic Metals more ‘natural’ shade selection. Galactic Love is nicely opaque, scentless, light weight, and non sticky cream gloss (like the Bite Beauty Prism glosses). The wand gave me zero troubles.


Fairplay Duo Chrome Gloss

Fairplay is a basic lip topper gloss, scentless, and light. It has nice diminsion and fair coverage on its own. I feel it will be the answer to all my other dull lip shades.

Slim Pencils

The Slim Pencils is something I just can’t help collecting. I have been using the Slim Pencils for over a year and love them. I wanted a sparkly black liner. I hope the sparkly black doesn’t crack like my old Urban Decay Oil Slick pencil. The Slim Pencils I added to my collection are Beige (lip liner), Black, and Black Shimmer.