Zoya Party Girls Winter 2017

The Zoya Party Girls Collection contains 12 polishes in creams, metallics, pearls, and a multi chrome. All of them were very easy to apply after one coat. My faves are Delaney, Danielle, Isadora, Nadia, and Fallon.

Blake needed up to two coats. Delaney and Isadora swatched evenly at one.

I don’t understand Zoya’s need to continously include pinks and reds in most of their collections this year.  Ming, Sheri, and Kelsey are so-so. However, I kept Sheri and Kelsey because they are rich and easy to apply.  Nadia is considered the topper, but it needs to be applied thinly. Tawny also looked beautiful as a topper over some of my darker shades. Creams were even and didn’t streak or leave a shadow.

I think the rest of the colors are very well thought out especially the shimmers and chromes.

Buxom Amanda, Gabby, and Zoe Lipglosses

the Buxom lip glosses are described as

A high-shine plumping gloss tingles to coax a gorgeous lip look while pampering and moisturizing with vitamins A and E. Lips stay lusciously soft, plumped, and seriously sexy.

Here are  Amanda , Gabby , and Zoe $20 ec at 0.15 oz/ 4.44 mL. Buxom has been around for several years and hardly reviewed. I’ve been using their glosses for 3yrs.

Amanda is a clear gloss loaded up with shimmer


Gabby was the original gloss I owned. At one time, Buxom was under the same roof as Bare Minerals. I think the brand separate, reformulated their glosses, and changed their logo. Since there is not much said about Buxom, I’m only guessing they are a separate company. The new Gabby is completely different in color.  Compared to the original, I noticed the new Gabby looks fuller in coverage and has better pigmentation. It doesn’t matter. Gabby has been perfect on top of all my browns and rosey shades. This is my second time repurchasing.

 Extra details of Gabby. Either way, Gabby is still a pretty shade.


Zoe is very wearable and gives off a fair amount of pigment on its own.

Buxom is one of my ‘underrated’ high end brands. I know lip gloss is lip gloss, but I feel the Buxom line is very unique and actually worth the purchase.  Their glosses are good quality, nonsticky, and easy to wear.

theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipsticks

theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipsticks ($17) are described as

his long-wearing formula has a comfortable matte finish with no commitment issues. These matte vanilla mint liquid lipsticks are stuck on you without feeling clingy!

Meet Matt(e) Hughes is one of the best and easiest to wear liquid lipsticks I own. I have found the shade range to be tricky because they sort of look the same; except, each is different with shades ranging from nudes to bolds. I started with Charming and later Reliable. Charming is rosey and Reliable is almost a medium brown. The liquid lipsticks do not dry down to a full on matte, have a slight transfer, and a vanilla/minty scent. In coverage, they are fairly opaque.  Even though they are light after one coat, I do feel some slight ‘hugging’ but it is not unbearable.



Bite Beauty Prismatic Lip Glosses

Rose Pearl 0.14 oz/ 4.14 mL and Oyster Pearl 0.14 oz/ 4.14 mL are $22 each. The glosses are creme base, slightly opaque, full on shimmer, and can either be worn on their own or as a topper. The wands are tear drop shaped making it easier to apply and outline.  If the lip colors are in the same shade family as the gloss, the opacity won’t compete with the color. When I wear it as topper, I just put a little in the center of my lips. The glosses are not super long wearing, and once they fade, they do leave behind a little shimmer.

Rose Pearl

 Oyster Pearl

I never thought I would love a shade like Oyster Pearl. Oyster Pearl has such a unique blend of a taupey/brown base with silver/blue shimmer.


For myself, Rose and Oyster Pearl are a nice change from wearing nudes and look very different from my other glosses.

Colourpop No Filter Concealer

The Colourpop No Filter concealers ($6) are creamy, full coverage, and matte. I have medium skin with yellow undertones.

Online, it is always going to be difficult choosing the right shade. Even though I am fairly confident with my shade, I still struggled picking shades. My main worry was the oxidizing, and if the shade was going to look totally different in person. In selecting your shade for highlighting go one shade lighter, and for contouring, go one shade deeper (if you are into that).

I rarely wear foundation and go for concealer. On me, Light 20 was perfect as a concealer and highlight but not as foundation. As foundation, Light 20 was too pale, but Medium 30 was a perfect match.  If one decides to wear the concealer as foundation, the wand picks up enough color for the whole face (depend on face size and how much coverage is desired). I was watching some YT videos on the concealer. I think (my observance) the girls were applying too much. When I wear it as foundation, I personally do not go crazy bathing my face. Since the concealers are already full coverage and very matte, a little bit goes a long way, and just enough product is on the wand.


I am in love with the wand and how it feels on my skin. The wand is flexible and soft, and picks up enough to do both eyes on one dip!

 Here is a video on how they made the product


Zoya Sophisticates Fall 2017

Zoya Sophisticates is a collection featuring 8 cream, 2 pearls, and 1 shimmer. I’ve had problems with collections like this thinking I was swatching the same shade multipule times. All the creams and shimmers swatched smoothly without streaking or leaving shadows. Hera, Padma, Yvonne, and Mona are my favorites. All polishes were swatched one coat. I’m going to group the swatches by color scheme.

When I first seen Hera, Padma, and Yvonne, I thought they were the same shades, but they are not.


Presley and Joni are ok. I’ve had colors like this from past collections but a little bit darker. Presley didn’t do much for my hands.


I always make it a point to keep clean shades like Mckenna and Beth in my collection.


I often don’t care for greens, but Gal and Tabitha are very pretty. At one thin coat, Gal makes a great topper.


Mona, Elaine, and Hadley are the vampiest in the group. Elaine and Hadley are the darkest shades I own and did not stain my nails.


The Sophisticates can be purchased as two separate sets ($60ec) or invidiually ($10).

Expired Products, Worth the Repurchase?

I recently tossed out a number of expired products that I had way past the expiration date. From this batch of products, I repurchased just the NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Tres Leches.

The Balm blushes are amazing, but I don’t wear blush like before, so they will be wasted if repurchased. I’m contemplating on repurchasing Ultraviolet and LSD Glide-ons.

The Naked gloss is way too boring to give a second thought (I don’t think they even carry it). I’m still holding off on repurchasing the NYX Butter Glosses in Vanilla Cream Pie and Merengue.

The Colourpop shadow (4th photo left) in Bae dried up and cracked before I had a chance to use it. I was scared of Bae when I got it home and never gave it a fair chance. Once I started using it, I dried up quickly even though the lid was sealed after use.

Even though I might not repurchase the blushes at all, the NYX glosses and Glide-ons do work wonderfully, so I will be interested in getting them but in other shades.

In order to determine what needed to be tossed, I researched expired makeup signs. This batch of expired makeup had the signs that it needed to be tossed. The blushes changed in texture and the packaging was worn out, the Glide-ons lost most of their pigment and dried up even after sharpening, and the glosses started smelling and went on uneven.

 I’m going to write a better post on expired makeup.

Zoya Fall 2017 Lipsticks 😍

Aside from having amazing nail polishes, Zoya also has a line of lipsticks ($12). Zoya’s lipsticks are not full coverage and very hydrating. I feel they act more as a semi-opaque colored lip balm. In a way, the almost remind me of the Tarte Lipsurgences. The fall collection includes shades raging from nudes, berries, mauves, pinks, and a blue. The shades are safe enough to wear on top of liquid lipsticks without taking away from the color. They are all a cream formula with a satin finish.

Addie is the lightest and only nude in the collection, and is described as a pinky apricot nude.

 Maggie is a deep berry

 Layne is a dusty rose

Bristol is medium wine

  Lizzy is bolder and a deep fuschia

Lucky is the second bold shade described as a cool toned pink

Tommy is the bonus blue shade

My favorites are Addie, Maggie, and Layne. The overall shade ranges are very refreshing since every last lip color looks almost the same.