Buxom Single Shadow Mink Magnet

Buxom Eyeshadow Bar Single Eyeshadow Mink Magnet 0.05 oz

The Buxom Single Eyeshadow Bars ($12 ec or $40 for 6 to build a custom palette) is one of my faves for single shadows. Mink Magnet (permanent) is a warm metallic taupe. However, I did notice the shadow was faintly chunky during application but did not have a problem with fallout.

Mink Magent is on my recommendations list for anyone interested in starting off with neutral shadows.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Auora Glow Kit

Abh Auora Glow Kit

Is the latest set if six unicornish highlighters.┬áIn person, the shades are very glittery and intense. Depending on how you like your highlighters, this kit isn’t for everyone. I personally never wear shades like Orion or Spectrum and go for more golden shades. As I was researching the Glow Kits, many say they can be used as shadows. When I tried them as shadows, they looked a little grainy in texture.

Glow Kit did work for me. If she releases more highlighter Glow Kits in the fall/winter, I can’t wait to see them.