2017 Affordable Beauty Tools

My 2017 favorite beauty tools are from Real Techniques and Colourpop.

Last year, Colourpop launched a full line of duo fiber brushes. I find duo fiber brushes pick up the product much better. The three brushes below are the Small Fluff Brush, Medium Shader Brush, and Pencil Brush.

Small Fluff Brush is great for multi use. I’ve managed to use the brush to highlight my face, under eyes, and blend out my completed eye look. Medium Shader Brush is also good for multi use around the eyes. I’m not giving the Pencil Brush a fair enough try. I have hooded eyes and find pencil brushes to be good for my crease. Except, I think the brush size might be a little bit big. I like the Pencil brush and have to use it more. The shadow brushes are very firm.

Real Techniques Miracle Sponge is amazing and the best affordable drug store dupe. I love the way it makes my foundations and powders go on. I’ve managed to multi-use it for my foundations and powders without having to continuously reach for different brushes. The sponge works great with pressed and loose powders. Real Techniques is in a league all their own. My sponge has been so well loved and still kept its shape 7 mo later with minimal tears. I can see myself investing in more products from them later.

I must give an honorable mention to the Eco tools line. I forgot to include a brush duo in this post 🙄 . Eco tools brushes do not change their shape throughout wash and use. The bristles do not fall out. However, the brushes for my taste are a little soft. Anyone who wants to get started with brushes, should try Eco Tools.

I’m not a major fan of high end brushes or beauty tools. The tools mentioned perform just as good. I highly recommend Eco Tools, Real Techniques, and Colourpop for anyone starting out with brushes and beauty tools.