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Welcome back to my blog. I will be reviewing and swatching the Zoya Metallics and Holos from their 2016 Urban Grunge Collection.

Holos in Alicia, Finley, and Merida


cred: Briannathestrange / tumblr



   Metallics in Troy, Ash, and Britta


My favorites are Britta, Alicia, Ash, and Troy. Merida is completely different from most of the greens I own. I am not a green wearer, but Merida is probably one of my favorite greens Zoya has made. I’m glad Zoya added more holos to their line. The formulas turned out to be super smooth on both the holos and metallics and did not give me any trouble, but I did need a couple of coats for the colors.

Each sell for $10 on Zoya.

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I have two golden eye shadow comparisons featuring Bold Bling $12 single (Buxom Customizable Eye Shadow Bar) and Molasses Chip (Chocolate Bon Bons) $49.


In person, they do look a little different. Bold Bling has a rose undertone and Molasses Chip is more bronze.



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I am expanding more with NYX. I took an interest in setting spray. Most of the setting sprays I came across where too expensive and not worth the price. I remembered NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray. I’ve been using the spray for a few months and here is what I noticed it did for my makeup:

Benefits of setting spray

  • my skin looked refreshed. It made skin appear to have a natural glow and not oily or shinny.
  • my makeup stayed in place much better and longer. I needed light retouches throughout the day.
  • setting spray can also be used to set loose, glitter, and shimmer shadows. I’ve seen plenty of YouTube videos where the guru would take the setting spray, and use the spray on the brush to set the eye shadows. Using setting spray to set certain eye shadow finishes does work.

Only Con:

  • If this spray is not aimed directly towards the face, it is easy to lose product. Before I close my eyes to mist, I try to make sure it is directed towards my face.

At first, I had a number or myths about setting spray. After using the spray for several months it has put to rest the following myths for me: it didn’t clog my pores, irritate my skin, or cause my makeup or eye makeup to run.

NYX Setting Spray did live up to most of my expectations. There is a matte version of the spray. The NYX website has it for $7.99.





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A collection of my favorite products for the month of August featuring Too Faced, Buxom, and Kat Von D 😙

First up palettes from Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour and Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons

The Bon Bons palette is great for year round. The matte shadows make great transition and crease colors. I plan on making this my fall palette because of the warm chestnut and other brown shades.

The Shade + Light Contour is ideal for beginners. The formula is powder with three highlights and three contour shades including a small guide. I use all three highlighters and the first two contour shades. The third one is too dark for my skin.

Next, Urban Decay Moondust Eye shadow in Solstice.


I took a break from UD but couldn’t pass up the moondust eye shadow in Solstice. I never did a full review on it since there is not too much to talk about. The best way I can describe this eye shadow is a pressed pigment packed with multi-color shimmer. I don’t often wear pigments. From youtube tutorials on pigments, the best way to make the pigment stay put is by spraying the eye shadow brush with some setting spray. UD came out with some new Moondust shades that have caught my attention.

Lastly, Full-on Lip Polishes in Brittany, Starr, and Gabby; swatches of Brittany and Starr.  I am a major fan of the Buxom lip polishes. They have 99 shades in total named after women. Brittany is the perfect nude shimmer and reminds me of that nude gloss JLO wears. Gabby and Starr are very different. Swatches and a review on Gabby and Brittany. I sometimes wear darker lip colors, and shades like Gabby and Starr bring a little bit of life into them and help tone them down if the shades are too dark. The Buxom lip glosses are fairly pigmented, smooth, and nourishing. I think Brittany, Starr, and Gabby are flattering with all sorts of colors.

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Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette (16 shimmer and matte shadows) $42. I don’t have swatches because on me there is not too much to swatch.

 The matte shadows

  • Almond Truffle
  • Satin Sheets
  • Cashew Chew
  • Pecan Praline
  • Bordeaux
  • Mocha

Shimmer shadows

  • Cotton Candy
  • Cafe au Lait
  • Totally Fetch
  • Sprinkles
  • Molasses Chip
  • Divinity
  • Earl Grey
  • Malted


The shades I like the most are Almond Truffle, Cafe au Lait, Totally Fetch, Earl Grey, and Bordeaux. I became attracted to the Bon Bons Palette earlier this year and held off before purchasing. I’m glad I purchased this palette. I was mainly attracted to the matte eye shadows for blending and transitioning shades. Since I have hooded eyes, the matte eye shadows are ideal. The shadow compact is firm except I don’t like the way it closes. It snaps shut but closes weird. I do think the Bon Bon’s palette is ideal to travel or take on the go. 14 of the eye shadows are heart shaped except I don’t understand why Satin Sheets (shimmer) and Divinity (matte) are rectangular.

There are plenty of tutorials on how to coordinate the palette. The palette appears to be very versatile with looks.


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Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer featuring 10 different shades for $28 each.

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The Colourpop Ultra Satin (L) vs the Ultra Matte (R)

In my own honest analysis, there is not much of a difference between the Satin and the Matte. I did notice the Ultra Satin transfers, does not dry down completely matte, and feels a lighter in formula. As soon as I swatched both finishes (the above photo), the Matte started drying faster than the Satin.

Here are some pros and cons of the Satin and the Matte:


  • Great value. The Ultra Matte ($6) and the Ultra Satin ($5)
  • Long wearing with minor touch ups
  • Surprisingly, the formula doesn’t crack or leave behind patchy fading.
  • The pigment on both finishes are very generous on the applicator


  • They will feel thick and heavy and look clownish if too much is applied
  • Too much product comes out of the tube onto the applicator

In order to avoid the cons, I take off some of the excess by wiping it inside the tube.

If someone is new to the Colourpop line and trying to figure out the Ultra Satin and the Ultra Matte, there is not much of a difference.

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 Here is Colourpop’s Dopey Ultra Satin Lip

I love wearing dusty mauve lip colors. Dopey is defiantly a true dusty mauve but a very strange color with how it photographs. I noticed on the web, and in my photos, Dopey is not coming off as a mauve pigment and looks like it can  almost pass for a medium nude-pink. In person, the mauve shows up way better. The only swatches that appear to be accurate are on the Colourpop website.



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The Kat Von D Contour Palette is an exclusive to Sephora ($46). There are three highlighters and three sculpting shades. The Palette includes a simple face chart to contour different areas of the face.

 I have labeled the palette to describe each section shade:

Shade 1 Highlight (Lucid) ; Shade 2 Contour (Sombre)

Shade 3 Highlight (Lyric) ; Shade 4 Contour (Shadowplay)

Shade 5 Highlight (Levitation) ; Shade 6 Contour (Subconscious)

The Shade + Light is my first contour palette. I didn’t know where to begin on choosing my palette because of the selection of contour palettes on the market. Shade + Light are free of the four biggest ingredients I like stay away from in makeup which are talc, mica, mineral oil, and parabens.  The palette does not create sharp or harsh contour lines. I noticed the highlighters have offered my skin warmth. I use all 6 shades for different things. I mainly contour my cheek bones.

The highlighters and contour shades are very generous in size. I’ve been using the Shade + Light loyally for over 5 months and still have plenty of product. The palette is sturdy and ideal for traveling.

The Shade + Light takes out most of the contouring guess work and is great for beginners.


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I have added to my NYX Slim Pencils the shade Peekaboo ($3.50). Peekaboo is a color I decided to try after watching a male beauty guru named MannyMUA use it in a few of his tutorials. I love Peekaboo.  So far, my three favorite shades are Peekaboo, Prune, and Nude Pink.

These pencils are muted, soft, flattering, and can be worn with almost any shade; their finishes are matte;  they don’t feather or bleed; and the color stays put. I love wearing Prune with purples, plums, and browns; and Peekaboo and Pale Pink go with almost every other color I own. The shades have simplified my lip liner routine.

Lip liners get very pricey even on lower end brands. I think the Slim Pencils are very close in quality to other high end lip liners.


Individually Swatched