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It is time to clean out my collection, so I figured the best way to start is by clearing up the dupes.

Blues- Steel and Navy



Greens / Teals

  Rich purples

I am still determining Dixie/Yana and Hazel/FeiFei. Dixie and Yana look like dupes even though Zoya describes Dixie as watermelon red and Yana as geranium pink. By my judgement, they photograph exactly the same, but I noticed Dixie is a solid cream while Yana has a mildly silver undertone. I can’t figure out Hazel and FeiFei. Hazel has more opacity, and one coat of FeiFei looks like a top coat.

I put Dixie/Yana and Hazel/FeiFei aside, and kept Haven, Giada, Rikki, Hazel, Estelle, and Neve.

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I don’t have all the swatches, but here are some comparisons of the Zoya Urban Grunge Collection with past polishes.


 Sia and Mallory are Dupes


Sister Shades

  • Hannah to Janel and Livingston
  • Jem to Britta
  • Toni to Tara
  • Wyatt and Hunter

Zoya did reformulate their polishes. Their creams have a glossier finish and are more opaque compared to previous collections. I know Wyatt, Tara, Sia and Mallory, and Janel and Livingston,  are apart of their newly formulated collections. I can’t remember when they made their formula better.

As I did some decluttering, I gave out the dupes and kept for myself Wyatt, Jem, Britta, Tara, Toni, Ember, Mallory, Janel and Livingston, and Desiree and Emilia.


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I was very late to post my September favorites, and since we are half way through October, I figured it would be better to combined them.


  • Muse and So Quiche Super Shock Eye Shadows
  • Ultra Satins in Dopey, Femme, and Point Zero

Muse, So Quiche, Dopey, Femme, and Point Zero are perfect for fall and my skin tone. I’m getting into bolder colors, and these shades are bolder compared to what I normally choose to wear.

Urban Decay

  • 8 hr After Glow Highlighter in Fireball (I never made a full review on this). Fireball works great for medium skin. It has peach and pink duochrome and catches the light.


  • Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation. It is in a loose powder matte formula. I use this for baking under my eyes and setting my makeup.  There are days were I do not want to wear foundation. This powder offers enough coverage I can wear it alone without foundation.



Where to Buy

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I’m getting interested in nail polish indie brands. After reading different nail polish blogs, I started paying attention to the indie lines they were featuring.  A couple of nail polish lines I am interested in trying are ILNP and KBShimmer.

KBShimmer Official Site

  I Love Nail Polish official site

I’ve come across KBShimmer and discovered ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) over the weekend. KBShimmer and ILNP are very affordable, and cruelty free. I have been on the hunt for high quality holos and effect top coats. INLP and KBShimmer make some sick holos and effect top coats.

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KathleenLights did another collab this year with Colourpop. I decided to search her collab and check it out. After looking at her collab, I noticed we have similar taste in colors. I chose her Ultra Satin Lip in Point Zero ($6).

Point Zero is my perfect shade. The formula is comfortable and easy to wear. I wanted to try new shades of lip colors and have been attracted to similar cool toned grey browns. Point Zero almost reminds me of the popular ABH Cosmetics Sepia.

Point Zero is a winner. I see more shades I would like to try in her collab.

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So Quiche Super Shock Shadow ($5) is a true olive green with multi facets of pink, lavender, and silver glitter. I am experimenting with olive green eye shadow. I need a break from my ‘boring’ nudes, and So Quiche is completely different from anything I own.

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  Muse Super Shock Shadow ($5)

  Femme Ultra Satin Lip ($5)


Femme and Muse are colors I am not used to wearing on a daily basis, but I like the change and they stood out to me the post from the whole collection. I’m considering taking Femme and Muse into my winter makeup.

I am unaware if Femme and Muse are permanent or limited edition. Each item can be purchased on the Colourpop website.

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The new Kat Von D Shade and Light Face Contour Refillable Palette. The full palette is $46 and the individual pans are $16. I am a major fan of her original palette. The Refillable Palette is still the original palette with the same colors but new packaging. Once I use up the original palette, I plan on getting an individual refillable pan in Shadow Play (the center contour shade). I stopped using Sombre (first contour shade) and Subconscious (third contour shade). Kat Von D Shade + Light Face Contour Palette Refill Shadowplay 0.08 oz/ 2.3 g (middle) is my favorite especially as a bronzer.

The Refillable Palette is available on the Sephora website.

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My choices for Fall lips and nails

I bought most of the colors earlier this year (except the Zoya polishes) and never had the chance to fully wear them. For some reason, I would find the shades difficult to wear any other time. I will be taking full advantage of these colors and wear them as much as I can this season.

Love, 🍂 🍁🍂 🍁

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My small batch of empties featuring Adalou, Marc Jacobs, and China Glaze and Formula X Nail.

Andalou BB Skin perfecting Beauty Balm– Andalou line is a rare skin care line I was able to find at my local health food store. The Andalou BB Cream is universally flattering with SPF30. This past summer was a killer with 90degree weather. The BB was able to help nourish, protect, and moisturize my skin through the tough heat. The formula is a very light weight liquid that dries down completely matte. The BB was messy to apply even with a beauty sponge, and I did not like how it went on. Will I buy this again? I have mixed feelings and would only buy if it is on sale since I don’t find it worth $19.95.

Marc Jacobs Remedy Pen– At a time, my dark circles were always flaring up, so I needed to find a dark circle color correct and was directed to the Marc Jacobs Remedy Pen. The tip of the pen is silver and has the cooling effect to relax irritation. The pen felt good under my eyes and relaxed my dark circles. The coverage is generous. I needed about two clicks for each eye. I bough the Pen in April and it lasted me til September. Will I buy this again? Yes.

Nails– Formula X Nail Base Coat and China Glaze Fairy Dust. I’ve been repurchasing the Formula X Base Coat for the past year and want to hold off on getting it again. The Base Coat seriously protects my nails and helps the color stay put except I want a break form this for now. I bought a few polishes from China Glaze and Fairy Dust was one of them. Fairy Dust is a very pretty holographic top coat that adds life to duller colors. Will I buy the polishes again? They are no hiatus for now.

BB Cream, Remedy Pen, and Base and Top Coat all work great and will be purchasing it again at a later time.